Carve celebrates many new business wins in Q3, 2016.

Carve has been enjoying many new business wins in the latter half of 2016 as new clients come to the agency. Some of the new clients include Baxter Pharmaceuticals, Peraso Technologies, OfficeNetwork, Wade Antenna, Atlas, VanMar, Iron Gate Financial, Sixo and Zehr Group.

Global 60GHz chip set maker, Peraso, engages Carve for brand campaign.

Peraso Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company – one of the top 3 in the world – specializing in the development of 60 GHz wireless chip sets. They are involved in the exciting global expansion of WiGig broadband using the 60GHz band in the RF spectrum. Peraso’s platform helps end-users achieve multi-gigabit per second wireless communication that has low-latency, is uncongested and interference-free. Peraso has engaged Carve to craft a new brand campaign to align their global presence with a new high quality and modern brand image. The new Peraso branding is set to launch in October 2016.


San Fransisco real estate firm, OfficeNetwork, retains Carve for new campaign.


OfficeNetwork is a work-leader in creating small office solutions for expanding international companies. With headquarters in San Fransisco, and smaller offices in Canada, USA, Asia and the UK, OfficeNetwork felt it was time to rebrand to more professionally position their company for growth. Carve will be creating a new brand identity, new marketing support materials and a new website to start. The new campaign for OfficeNetwork is expected to unveil in November, 2016.