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How to Give a Boost to Your Business’ Online Reputation

Before there was Yelp, or Facebook, or Google Reviews, there was word-of-mouth. While people sometimes talked about their positive experiences with businesses, they usually just complained about the negative ones. When businesses got a bad rap, there was little owners could do except try to provide better customer service. Some people still listen to word-of-mouth […]


How to Use Landing Pages to Convert More Leads

marketing ideas for apartments landing pages

This post is part of our Guest Blog Series, and was written by Brittany — one of our Client Success Managers.   Does your website have strategy behind it’s design? Do you use multiple pages to track user behavior and keep customers in the sales funnel? If not, we’ve got some digital marketing ideas for […]


Mobile Vs. Desktop: The Details Behind the Data

mobile vs desktop apartment marketing ideas

Take a moment and picture your business’ website. In your head, is it appearing on a phone or a laptop?   We’re used to thinking of desktop as the default, but the truth is that two-thirds of website traffic happens on smartphones — not laptops. We keep these kinds of trends in mind when coming […]