Global 60GHz chip set maker, Peraso, engages Carve for brand campaign.

Peraso Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company – one of the top 3 in the world – specializing in the development of 60 GHz wireless chip sets. They are involved in the exciting global expansion of WiGig broadband using the 60GHz band in the RF spectrum. Peraso’s platform helps end-users achieve multi-gigabit per second wireless communication that has low-latency, is uncongested and interference-free. Peraso has engaged Carve to craft a new brand campaign to align their global presence with a new high quality and modern brand image. The new Peraso branding is set to launch in October 2016.


San Fransisco real estate firm, OfficeNetwork, retains Carve for new campaign.


OfficeNetwork is a work-leader in creating small office solutions for expanding international companies. With headquarters in San Fransisco, and smaller offices in Canada, USA, Asia and the UK, OfficeNetwork felt it was time to rebrand to more professionally position their company for growth. Carve will be creating a new brand identity, new marketing support materials and a new website to start. The new campaign for OfficeNetwork is expected to unveil in November, 2016.

VanMar set to rebrand with the help of Carve's creative team.

CDM1VanMar has a great reputation for construction, construction management, design/build and large-scale development. In order to align this reputation with a solid and professional brand image, Carve has been engaged to create a new design and messaging platform. Watch for the campaign to be released online in the third quarter of 2016.

Iron Gate Financial taps into Carve

News_pic_IGFIron Gate Financial (IGF) is a company specialized in real estate acquisitions, development and mortgage finance. To grow their business, create new leads and build a confident and professional brand, IGF has partnered with Carve to create a new top to bottom campaign. IGF has tapped into Carve’s unique mix of Financial Services experience and intimate knowledge of large-scale real estate development marketing.


Wade Antenna hires Carve for re-branding campaign.

WADE Antenna and its Military/Defence brand, TACO Antenna, hired Carve to re-brand and re-position itself to grow the business in North America and Europe. Carve will be building an integrated B2B campaign and launching a digital marketing campaign to support the company’s sales strategy in creating and converting more sales leads. New TACO website headlines the campaign:


Zehr Group rebrands, begins marketing process for large development.

One of Kitchener’s successful developers will soon be sporting a new, modern brand image. Carve has created the new brand identity, which will soon be making its presence in the Waterloo Region.

At the same time, Carve has also been hired by Zehr Group to begin the brand development process and marketing planning for the new development planned to be built across from Google’s new development office.


Multi-billion dollar company, Linamar, hires Carve to create new premier video.


Linamar is a global, multi-billion dollar, systems manufacturer in the auto industry. They reached out to Carve to create a flagship video that communicated their core brand messages and capture the essence of this leading, precision automotive systems manufacturer. It’s safe to say that this automotive-focussed video fired on all cylinders. Watch it.

Waterloo’s Cognitive Systems ready to change the wireless world.

Carve partnered with Quantum Valley Investments’ Cognitive Systems to begin a 2-year process of developing a strategic branding campaign to unveil their new technology that will forever change the way we use wireless signals.

Cognitive has created a platform which is able to see and process invisible radio frequencies (i.e. the wireless network spectrum). Further to this, the platform can provide businesses and consumers to use these signals to improve their environments and lives.


website development


The platform consists of the main device – amera™ (which includes the R10 supercomputer chip),  fyrefly™, myst™ and amerapps™. The platform has immediate capabilities to change home security as we know it today, provide spectrum analysis for large corporations, handle device identification, manage network security and much more.

Carve’s team developed an integrated campaign that consisted of:

  • Brand identification design
  • Brand story creation and ad campaign development
  • Video
  • Web development
  • Packaging design
  • North American wide PR campaign
  • Social Media strategy

When Cognitive came out of stealth mode, the results for the campaign were outstanding. The brand was being written about in key media outlets including Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, New York Times, Techcrunch, Reuters, Globe & Mail, and PCMag. The buzz of this new platform was felt on social media, resulting in strong sharing, retweeting and liking.

Carve wins new business with Baxter.

Pharmaceutical corporation, Baxter Canada, is now working with Carve on a number of new assignments in their Hospital Pharmacy business unit. Carve will be creating new communication pieces to support sales strategies for Baxter.


Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 7.09.15 AM


Carve rebrands luxury condo on Caroline St. in Uptown Waterloo.

The Caroline Street Private Residences will be a new, sophisticated street presence in Uptown Waterloo. VanMar Developments hired Carve to create a campaign to rebrand the previous, troubled 155 Uptown project. With a significant re-positioning to an upscale destination, and a strategic digital and traditional ad campaign, Carve drove incredible traffic of end-users and investors, resulting in strong conversion. See the campaign.