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The Brandt

A $5 million renovation calls for a million-dollar branding idea. CAF Management tasked Threshold/Carve with their property’s rebrand, and it all started with a name. The Brandt is named after the chemist who discovered cobalt, and the blue hue is featured prominently in the updated community.

Building on the idea of chemistry, the design and messaging draws from the periodic table of elements — leveraging the table’s familiar letters and boxes. This familiar yet reimagined design is used to showcase the various “elements” of luxury living such as upscale amenities, spacious floor plans and communal spaces. Using this theme, the marketing comes together to entice the target residents; well-educated individuals who work at the many labs, material manufacturers and Fortune 500 companies in the area.

The Brandt invites them to “live in your element.”


  • Brand name and logo development
  • Website design and development
  • Brochure development
  • 3D Floor plans
  • Site Plan
  • Touchscreen kiosk development
  • Stationary
  • Digital marketing campaign