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The Co-operators

Research concluded that consumers lacked trust in insurance companies. Further to this, consumers felt that these companies were not genuinely committed to their communities.

In order to build trust, a national brand campaign was launched that told the true story of how this Canadian company started, and how this heritage is responsible for its core brand values. Communications were designed to be relevant to individuals, communities, ethnicities and ages. There were 4 key brand attributes that were important to communicate. This was achieved through advertising messaging, community events, recruiting brand ambassadors in agencies and at corporate offices, and through PR. At all touch-points, consumers were reminded why The Co-operators was “a better place for you”.


  • Brand campaign development
  • Market research and focus group studies
  • Creative testing
  • National television
  • National radio
  • Internal communications
  • Website development
  • Segmented direct mail campaigns
  • Newsprint advertising
  • Agent marketing support material
  • Email marketing
  • Printed sales tools and promotion
  • Corporate communications