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Why choose Threshold/Carve as the student housing experts for your property?

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When students know what they want to study, they choose a university that’s known for excellence in that particular field. The same principle applies to student housing marketing.

Why trust a traditional marketing agency with your student housing property when you can count on The Anti-Vacancy® agency? At Threshold/Carve, all our student housing marketing ideas are focused on the end goal of filling vacancies. We are a niche agency, and that pinpoint focus has helped us perfect our skills in the student housing vertical.

We’re familiar with Generation Z and understand which messaging strategies resonate with today’s college students. We know that digital rules the roost in today’s student housing marketing industry, and as a result we’ve developed proprietary tools to provide clients with analytics and measurable results.

So why choose Threshold/Carve?

Put simply, we know what we’re doing, and we know the path to success. We’re here to listen and provide expert consultation. When you need more than a marketing agency, you need The Anti-Vacancy® Agency.

What makes Threshold/Carve different from an average agency?

An important reason for our success is the fact that many of our marketing experts began their careers as student housing leasing agents and marketers. Having made the transition from members of the property leasing team to third party marketers, our team members are able to provide an objective perspective on the common issues facing today’s student housing communities.

Threshold/Carve has positioned over 3,300 properties during our combined 242 years of residential experience, so it’s fair to say we’ve seen it all. Whatever your vacancy-filling needs, Threshold/Carve has the processes and know-how to provide solutions quickly and effectively.

Our experience in on-campus and off-campus housing has given us invaluable resident insights and in-depth knowledge of marketing to students. We know when renewal season hits, we know about the dreaded turnover and we understand how to reach the latest generation of students.

Experience gives us an understanding of the industry, but it’s our dedication to innovation that moves us forward. We’re rolling out new service offerings every quarter so our clients never have to worry whether they’re ahead of the curve. From designing Snapchat filters to brand new Waze advertisements, Threshold/Carve always pushes our marketing solutions to the leading edge.

What do we do differently to help properties fill vacancies?

We understand that student housing is a seasonal industry and messaging must constantly be updated and revised to reflect the moving goal posts. We are averse to using one-size-fits-all strategies. Instead, we constantly reassess our strategies and meet with our clients to discuss changes. Renewal season requires different solutions than lease-up season, and we’re nimble enough to transition seamlessly between the two.

We’re also different because we understand your audience. It’s 2017, and student housing marketing must be targeted to Generation Z, not Millennials. Born in 1997 and after, Generation Z faces a vastly different world than Millennials found before them. This generation is filled with digital natives who can quickly spot marketing that is anything less than authentic. Given this knowledge, are you marketing apartments for students in a way that appeals to the new generation of residents?

It’s vitally important in this industry to create messaging that speaks to Generation Z students, but to do so in such a manner that doesn’t alienate the parents who are actually paying the student’s rent. Student housing marketing is a dynamic industry, and we at Threshold/Carve pride ourselves on consistently evolving to meet the demands of a changing resident demographic.

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